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26th July 2016
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16th August 2016
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Robanks Radio

Can you remember when we had no streaming music; the only way to share music with your friends was to physically take the a tape or later a CD over to wherever they were and put it on a stereo

“Boy, you gotta hear this!”

Is an often-used statement around here, and now we are the one saying it about Robanks People choice Playlist.

Our insatiable appetite for discovering new music has reached a climax where you are the DJ’s.

If you have registered your Spotify account through Facebook and you are linked to us through Facebook, we will know what music you like.

We have created Robanks People Playlist for all our friends to become “Collaborative,” so they can add songs to it.

To get us started, we selected songs you liked and added them to the list.

If you add to the list each month and you will be entered into or peoples choice prize draw. Each month a single track will be selected and a prize will be given to the track we love the most.

Don’t worry if you didn’t join via Facebook you can still search for friends and us via the search bar.

Sharing Spotify Playlists